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Safe Memos from the Car

December 14th, 2008 3 comments

While driving, I often find myself needing to write down a reminder to myself, or some notes from a conversation I have just had.  I used to use a voice recorder for this function, but:

  1. This created yet another message store for me to remember to check.
  2. This created an additional task of transcribing my verbal note into written form.

Still, those drawbacks were better than the alternatives of:

  1. Waiting to find a safe place to pull over to the write the note down.
  2. Dangerously scribing a note down while driving.
  3. Attempting to remember to write it down when I next stopped.

I am delighted to say that I have found a great solution to this need!  I set up a speed dial on my mobile phone to leave myself a voice mail at YouMail (free) that is transcribed into text (free for automated; high quality human transcriptions as low as $3.99/mo) and emailed to me.  This is awesome because I get the message in text form delivered into my email inbox.  The number I have in my speed dial is *67 <my ten digit mobile number> Pause 1.  The pre-pended *67 blocks my Caller ID, so YouMail doesn’t think it’s me calling to pick up my messages, and the appended 1 skips the Outgoing Message.

Full Disclosure: I am a YouMail Investor and Board member.

August 30, 2009 Update:

You can trial (no CC entry required) the high quality premium transcriptions from your YouMail account.  It completely changed the way I think about voicemail: