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iPhone 4.0: Mobile Video Conferencing Coming!

April 20th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

 Next Generation iPhone, with Front Facing Camera.Congrats to Gizmodo on getting their hands on the next generation iPhone, and getting the good folks at Apple to confirm that it was real.  The most interesting part of the fourth generation iPhone is the front facing camera.   That will bring to the US one of the few areas where the US mobile industry lags other geographies in the world: mobile video conferencing!

Unless Apple tries to own mobile video conferencing for themselves, this will be a boon to the good folks at Skype and the Chinese Mobile Video companies, who I’m sure must have iPhone video conferencing apps in the works.  Although the monetization path isn’t immediately obvious for this, since there isn’t really the equivalent of Skype In/Out opportunity for video.

If you’ve had a mobile video conferencing App rejected by Apple, please let me know, because that will be the most certain indication that Apple is planning to own the category.