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Android, iPhone, Symbian Usage Trends Continue

February 25th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

AdMob just released their January metrics report.  The key trends I highlighted last month (Android Catching iPhone) continued into the new year.  In the Android-iPhone universe, Android now accounts for 30% of usage.  In the “does Symbian have a chance?” realm of inquiry, we’ve got another month of data suggesting things aren’t working for them.

Android Catching iPhone Jan 2010

% of AdMob ad requests, iPhone & Android only. Android continuing to take share from iPhone.

Android & iPhone Growing Jan 2010

AdMob ad requests. iPhone and Android growth rates outpace Symbian.

  • brian

    Curious to see if the Apple’s admop ad drop is due to AdMob/Google growth and/or its acquistion of Quattro.

  • admin

    @brian, iPhone usage continues to grow robustly, it just isn’t growing as fast as Android. It is possible that Apple will try to do something with Quattro that will skew the ad impression volume, but I’m not aware of anything they’ve done so far.